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Key Factors You Should Consider When Custom Building a PC

Purchasing a new computer is a major commitment and you should do your research, but the same is true when you decide to custom build a PC. Whether you decide to buy a pre-built computer or buy components and build one yourself, you are making a serious investment.

Pre-built computers are great because they’re ready to be used right away, however, they usually have baseline components and flaws that might limit their performance later. If you want to ensure the quality of your PC, you should custom-build one.

There are downsides to building your own computer though. Some computer components are costly and factoring in your time and human error can definitely increase your expenses. So how can you build yourself an affordable and dependable PC? Let’s explore.

Carefully Consider Your Storage Size

Storage size is the maximum number of programs, files, and other types of media you can have on your computer. It’s commonly expressed in gigabytes or terabytes. If you have a greater number of GBs and TBs, you will have more storage space available on your computer.

The hard drive (HDD or SSD) is the component in charge of storing files. This component can be easily replaced and upgraded, so it’s not a major concern when buying your device. There are also other innovative options now available, such as the cloud or external hard drives.

Look into the CPU Power

Your PC relies on the power of your CPU or processor. You can evaluate processor power by checking the clock speed, which is expressed in Gigahertz.

In simple terms, the greater this number is, the more powerful the processor. When you check the market, the majority of current CPUs run at 3-4GHz. Keep in mind that it’s not always easy to upgrade your CPU. For this reason, it’s necessary to stick to a high-performance product that should last you for years before getting a new upgrade.

Determine the GPU Power

The GPU is the graphics card. It is just as important as the CPU in determining how powerful your PC will be. Clock speed is usually used to determine the GPU performance. This is why it’s vital to complement your CPU and GPU to make the most of each other’s functions.

Another important measure is the VRAM. This is the amount of memory available to the GPU. As the number of VRAM increases, so does the GPU’s power. However, you must be cautious about pushing your GPU or CPU to its limits. This can lead to overheating and power issues.

Make Sure Your RAM Is Enough for Your Needs

Your PC’s memory, often known as RAM, is the component that stores all of the data that your computer is actively using. It’s also responsible for the number of tasks your computer can perform simultaneously. Often enough, you can easily increase the RAM in your computer, but more and more some computers do not have an option to swap out RAM.


When you finish building a new PC, it can be one of the most satisfying emotions in the world. After hours of research and development, you will have a powerful computer that will function for a long time. While it can be somewhat stressful, there are numerous tools available that make building a PC possible for everybody.

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