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Common Mistakes That Could Damage Your Motherboard

If the brain of your computer is its processor, the heart of a computer is its motherboard. The motherboard connects and sends signals to different parts of a computer. If your motherboard has a problem, more than one part will likely need to be repaired.

Motherboards are sturdy and usually last for a long time. However, there are some things you can do to make sure your motherboard is running efficiently. The most important thing is to protect the motherboard from damage because if it breaks, every other component will too.

Avoid these common mistakes to save yourself a headache:

Spilling Liquid

Many IT specialists will tell you that one of the most common mistakes people make is by spilling liquid on their computer. There are even instances where people accidentally drop their entire device into a sink full of dishes. If you find yourself in this situation,

immediately turn off your computer and if necessary, unplug it from the wall.

Even the smallest amount of liquid can damage a motherboard. This is a very sensitive part of your computer that just happens to control everything. If you suspect that a liquid did get on your motherboard, take it to a professional who can evaluate the situation.

Exposing It to Dust and Debris

Dust and other small objects can get between the computer case and the motherboard. It's best to keep the computer case off when you're cleaning the inside of the computer.If you do need to take the case off, be sure to use a can of compressed air (made for this purpose), to clean any dust and debris

Using Harmful Chemicals When Cleaning

We don't recommend using any chemicals when you clean your computer. Even if you can't see any damage, it's possible for a chemical to damage the motherboard without you knowing.If you have to use a chemical, make sure it's the proper one for your computer.

Exposing the Computer to Extreme Temperature

Most motherboards are not made for high or low temperatures. You can save yourself some money by keeping your computer in an ideal environment.

Using Cheap Power Strips

If you ever buy a cheap power strip, you should use it for another appliance. Cheap power strips do not protect your computer from electrical issues. It’s always best to invest a little extra for a quality power strip. If you are in a public area, consider using a surge protector.

DIY Fixes

Don't try to fix your motherboard yourself. Even if you have some experience with computers, motherboards are a very special part. A malfunctioning motherboard can damage other parts of your computer, so it's best to leave it to the professionals.

Even if your motherboard is covered with a manufacturer's warranty, you'll have to take it in to be replaced.


Motherboards are a critical piece of your computer and they usually last a long time. If you want your computer to stay in good shape, then you should avoid any major mistakes that could cause damage to the motherboard. If you are noticing problems with your computer, it’s best to get a professional computer repair company

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