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PC Cleaning Services

Is your computer feeling under the weather?  It might need a tune-up!  Stop by the shop today to get a quick PC cleaning and we'll bring that computer back to full health!  It's amazing what a day at the spa can do! 

We work on Macs too!

It's time for a Computer Cleaning!

PC Check-Up of J-Bit Tech Albuquerque, NM

What we do to clean your PC:

  • Run Windows/Mac OS health checks and optimize for speed.

  • delete temporary files and other gunk that slow your computer down!

  • Check for and remove viruses and other potentially unwanted programs.

  • Check & Fix issues with the registry

  • Disable trackers

  • Physically clean it out from dust, pet hair etc.

    • you'd me amazed how dirty it gets in there living in New Mexico

PC Cleaning Services Icon - J-BIT Tech, Computer Repair in Albuquerque New Mexico
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