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Automatic Cloud Backup for Laptops & Desktops

Solid State Drive

backup laptop to cloud

Plus get the added benefit of being able to have your whole system backed up, including apps, settings etc!  Many backup programs can't do that, but we can!  It's way better to have your backup put EVERYTHING back instead of just some things like most programs, because that means when you're done recovering your backup, your entire computer is back, and you don't have to do the added work of making a profile or installing your programs like microsoft office all over again!

Cloud Backups | J-BIT Tech

Cloud Backups | J-BIT Tech

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Pricing for Cloud Backups

Package deals can save you some money, but in general, here are the costs of cloud-based backups from J-BIT Tech




Most Popular!


or Desktop

(with 500GB of Cloud Storage)




(with 500GB of Cloud Storage)



Additional 1TB of Cloud Storage



What happens if/when I need my backup

We can either train you to recover your backup yourself or you can call us to help with the recovery process free of charge!  The setup of recovery will differ depending on what happened to cause the loss of data, but in most cases, we can run a program that automatically starts downloading your backup so you can go about your day without having to babysit or work on your backup recovery process.   Once the program is finished running, your computer will be just like you left it, before the data loss occured.

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Backups are great and an absolute must!   But how many of us actually remember to do them?  How long has it been since you backed up?  Even more, have you ever checked to see if your backup is actually working?

If you are backing up locally (like to a drive in your house or office), what happens if a thief steals all your equipment?  Or what happens in case of a fire?

Automatic Cloud Backups can help you backup your laptop to the cloud, as you won't need to remember to backup, AND your data will be safe in the event of fire, flood, or break-in!  

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