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Virus Removal Services

Sick Computer Artwork - Virus Removal | J-BIT Tech, Computer Repair in Albuquerque New Mexico

Is your computer feeling under the weather?  Maybe it caught a virus!  It might need a tune-up!  Stop by the shop today to get a quick PC cleaning and we'll bring that computer back to full health!  It's amazing what a day at the spa can do! 

In many cases, yes!  But it really depends on the virus and the level of infection.  While many computer repair places in Albuquerque might default to wiping the PC and reinstalling windows, we take a more nuanced approach and try to clear the virus as efficiently as possible without losing your data.  That said, there are some cases that a full wipe is needed, in most of those cases, we can back up your data first.

FAQ: Can you remove a virus without loosing my data?

Virus Removal Icon | J-BIT Tech, Albuquerque New Mexico
Virus Removal Icon | J-BIT Tech, Albuquerque New Mexico
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