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Hard Disk Drive

Solid State Drive

Why is a Solid State Drive Better?

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is flash based memory, like your USB thumb drive.  It's inherently much faster and has no moving parts which is good for longevity of your PC as it produces less heat.    It's also more durable since no parts might get banged out of place if you drop your laptop.


A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) by comparison is basically a high-speed metal record player.  The jump in technology is about as advanced as the jump from Records to Streaming Music Apps!

an internal look at a hard disk drive and a Solid State Drive at J-Bit Tech Albuquerque, NM



Can all my data be transferred to the new drive?

At J-BIT Tech we clone our hard drives to SSD's, which means that not only do your important files and pictures and music come over in the data transfer, but so do all your programs and settings!  After the process is done, your computer will look exactly as you left it (with all files and folders and desktop wall papers in place), just way way faster!

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How much does a SSD upgrade cost?

The cost of a Solid State Drive upgrade largely depends on the capacity of the drive you want to put in, which will depend partially on how much space you're currently using.  In most cases though, prices range from $180 - $225 all in.  That includes the SSD itself, as well as the cloning and installation of your new SSD into your computer desktop or laptop!

If you're ready to find out more, click the button below to bring your laptop in and we can go over all the options with you!

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Solid State Drive Upgrade

Is your old computer starting to show its age and slowing you down? 

Instead of trading it in for a new computer, you might be elidgable for a solid state drive upgrade, which is up to 10x as fast as your old spinning hard drive.  This means an older computer that might take 3-5 minutes to start up, could start up in as fast as 30 seconds!  

That speed is not just on startup, you'll be zipping around with everything you do when you get your new SSD (Solid State Hard Drive).

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