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What You Should Do When Your Laptop Screen Is Broken

We often rely on our laptops for work or study. So, it can be quite frustrating to find out your laptop screen isn’t working as it should. But before you rush to have your laptop screen replaced, try these simple fixes first, as your laptop screen may not be as hopeless as you initially thought.

Restart Your Laptop

Often, the first solution people think of when something is not working is to turn it off and turn it on again. As simple as it may seem, sometimes, it can be enough to solve the problem. You see, the cause of the broken laptop screen may be an issue with the operating system. So, by restarting your laptop, you may be able to clear the conflict.

Close and Reopen Your Laptop

If the laptop screen sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn’t, the problem you’re dealing with is probably a bad lid sensor. So, the solution could be as simple as closing your laptop and reopening it.

First, examine the screen and the keyboard for any debris. If you find any, make sure to clean them before closing the laptop. And if your laptop has a visible latch, you should also clean that as well.

Use an External Monitor

To see if the problem really is your screen, you can plug in an external monitor and see if it functions properly. If the external monitor still does not work, it could be that your laptop is not turned on or in hibernation mode.

Update Your Video Drivers

Sometimes, your laptop screen won’t be completely black but instead display some visual defects. If this is the case, the problem may lie in your video drivers. So, you may want to update your video drivers to fix the glitchiness.

Unstick Stuck Pixels

When your laptop screen has a few stuck pixels, you can fix the problem by using an app. By cycling between colors rapidly or generating digital snow, these apps can force dead or stuck pixels to unstick and work again.

Fix the Burn-In

Sometimes, a laptop screen may display ‘ghosts’ of old images that have been burned into the screen. To fix these burn-ins, you can try using a white screen saver.

Check Screen and Backlight Connections

This laptop screen repair tip is only for those with some experience handling laptop hardware. You need to have some experience disassembling laptops and a bit of technical knowledge and skill. For this, you would need to remove the bezel surrounding the screen, the hinge covers, and other case components. By removing all these components, you can reveal the screen and backlight connectors and wires. You can then start to examine it to see if everything is in place and if the cables aren’t broken or crumpled.

Replace Your Laptop Screen

When none of your laptop screen repair efforts seem to work, your last option may be a laptop screen replacement. Laptop screens that are beyond repair often have black holes, large black or colored bars, or colors that seem to run. And, of course, if the screen is severely cracked, you’ll definitely need to replace it.

Final Thoughts

Laptop screens can get broken for a number of reasons. But before replacing your laptop screen entirely, make sure that it is beyond repair. To do this, you would have to attempt laptop screen repair like those mentioned above.

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