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The Newest MacBook Pro Is the Most Repairable One Yet

MacBooks have had a reputation of being sleek and stylish, paired with their high processing capabilities. However, this elite brand of technology isn’t completely free from potential drawbacks. Thankfully, the new MacBook Pro from Apple is burning up review sites, but there's another reason to appreciate it: it's the most repairable MacBook in a long time.

iFixit gives the M1 MacBook Pro a 3/10 repairability rating, which is an outstanding rating for a Mac notebook. In comparison, the 2019 Intel 16-inch MacBook Pro received a 1/10. However, despite the still-low score, Apple's two-point gain—a 200 percent improvement—shows a rather significant shift in direction.

If you're worried about making the investment, read on to find out how easier it is to repair and replace the newest MacBook Pro components.

Repairability and Accessibility

It's not just a matter of taking a pentalobe screwdriver to your computer's interior to make it repairable; it's also excellent news for third-party repair businesses and Apple itself if a device is engineered to be more readily serviced.

Repairability might be the difference between a quick while-you-wait fix and an overnight teardown if you bring your phone to the Apple Store to get a damaged screen replaced.

The M1 MacBook Pro’s design is built to be repairable, unlike MacBooks and iPhones from older generations. While Apple's computers' used to have a single circuit board, this new model now contains several formerly independent components.

Furthermore, the M1 architecture combines the processors, RAM, and even SSD storage into a single box. The advantages include speed, low power consumption, and small size. The disadvantage is that if one part fails, you must replace the entire device.

This also means that the user will be unable to upgrade their PC. If you need extra storage or RAM in the future, you'll have to pay more. You can't add it until you tape an external SSD to the machine's lid. Compare this to previous MacBooks, which had a single lever that opened the case and allowed access to repair its hard drive, RAM, and battery.

Increased Battery Power

Pull tabs on the MacBook Pro now remove the battery for simple replacement. It's also easy to change a display, and the display wires have extra slack to prevent breaking. The Touch ID device may also be replaced, albeit only Apple knows how to activate it. Finally, the new HDMI ports and SD card slots are replaceable and modular.

Is this an indication of Apple's change of heart? Is a new golden era of repairability upon us? Not at all. It's fantastic that you can replace your battery and that repair businesses will have simpler access. It's also fantastic that Apple will be able to do repairs much more quickly and (hopefully) at a lower cost.


The new MacBook Pro is far more repairable than previous generations. It's much easier to change the battery, display, and ports. This is excellent news, as it eases your process in finding local third-party services to handle any issues you may have with your Apple devices.

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