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9 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Laptop’s Screen

A laptop is a valuable item for most people because it's a computer you can bring anywhere. You can do your work or play a game outside of your home with it. For this reason, laptop owners go above and beyond in protecting them. However, a person can only do so much, and a laptop is bound to wear out eventually.. One of the most common parts of a laptop that breaks is the screen.

It's easy to spot a broken laptop screen if it looks scratched or cracked, but there are other signs that a laptop screen has problems. We'll be discussing these lesser-known issues in this article, so read on below to get started.

#1 - Pixel Issues

By pixel issues, we're referring to dead pixels or stuck pixels. It's when a single pixel on your screen looks black, yellow, or white. These pixels cannot be turned on or off, so they can be pretty annoying because they won't let you see whatever's on the screen completely.

#2 - White Screen

If you turn on your laptop, but all you see is a white screen, you’ll want to take it to a local computer shop as soon as possible. Diagnostics can be run to test whether it is your screen or other hardware causing these issues.

#3 - A Dim Laptop Screen

If your laptop screen looks dim when it's in a bright environment, then you may have a broken screen. The screen's backlight unit is broken, affecting the display's brightness, which can only be fixed by replacing the entire screen.

#4 - Inverter Issues

If the inverter is damaged, the screen won't receive its DC supply. This is why there is no light emitted from the screen, and you'll only see a black screen. Most inverters are built into the laptop screen, meaning you’ll need to replace the part to see your computer’s desktop again.

#5 - You Can't Adjust the Color

A broken screen can cause the color setting on your laptop stop working properly. . When your laptop’s screen looks pink, red, or black instead of white and the picture on your screen is still visible, you should consider replacing the broken screen.

#6 - You See Lines on the Screen

If you see horizontal or vertical lines on your screen, then you have an issue with the screen's LCD. These lines will appear on a dark background.

#7 - The Image Is Blurry

When the image on your screen is blurry, this is due to the screen's damaged LCD. The pixels may have melted, or the lamination may have come off.

#8 - The Screen Is Blank

If you didn't turn your laptop on and the screen lights up, but there's nothing on either side of the screen, you might have a broken screen. The reason for this is that the screen's lamination may have come off.

#9 - The Screen Is Too Bright

If your laptop screen looks either too dark or too bright, it's because of the backlight. Your laptop screen’s backlight emits light, enabling you to see what's on the screen. This light is shaped like a V, and you can see this V when your laptop screen is off.

Fixing These Issues

If you notice any of these issues, you should bring your laptop to a professional right away. You can take your laptop to any computer shop or call an external laptop screen replacement service provider. If they're available in your area, you can also ask your laptop's manufacturer to provide the service.

Laptop screens are expensive, so it's best to deal with them immediately. If you leave it as it is, other parts could be damaged (depending on the issue) and you could end up spending more than what a new laptop screen typically costs.


Bear in mind that it's not just about cracks but also other issues that may happen to your laptop's screen. If you want to prevent any further damage, get your screen replaced right away and ask a professional for help.

J-Bit Tech provides top-quality services for laptop screen repair in Albuquerque. Our team of experienced computer repair technicians works fast, meaning you can get back to using your laptop sooner for a reasonable price. Contact us today to learn more!

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